How to Feel Stronger & Healthy While Battling Fibromyalgia

How to Feel Stronger & Healthy While Battling Fibromyalgia

To save your money I will tell you what my team of doctors and health professionals encouraged me to do.

I decided to stop taking modern medicine as my doctor said "it doesn't take away the pain it just makes it ok to live with"! Bandaids are nice but i just wanted to get better.

So I connected with a naturopath and ding a light went off! Your body is lacking vitimans take 2 one a day women's vitimans for 3 weeks 1in morn & 1at supper then just switch to taking 1in the morning

Take 2 magnesium before you go to bed for 3 wks then after that just take whenever the pain is getting bad, for me it's when rainy weather is on the way, blahhhhhh!

Drink lots of water ALWAYS! Lots of iron rich foods I.e. Red meat, egg yolks, dark green, leafy veg, dried fruit - prunes, raisins.

young coconut 1a wk to your diet, their water is the highest form of electrolytes known and is identical to blood plasma. Drinking and eating its flesh is like giving yourself a blood transfusion.

Try to find an exercise that's right for you! I stared out with walking and now I have a regular routine i follow, which btw took me over a year to achieve. It will be different for every fibromite!

Remember, balance is everything! By adjusting and tweaking what we do and feed our bodies to achieve balance, we can fight the pain to live in a more painless state. Fibrohugs xo

Also, sunlight, Epsom salt, hydro therapy are all helpful! Hope all living with fibromyalgia find this helpful.

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